You think you can compete in food challenges? This is the ultimate test in Wichita Falls for your stomach.

We started the Stryker Versus Food Series at the beginning of 2017. I started out strong, setting records on my first two challenges - the Heff's Triple Meat Challenge and the Blazin' Wings Challenge, then the Willie's Psycho Burger put me in my place. I defeated the World's Littlest Skyscraper Burger and finished a five pound burrito at the Nighthawks game at halftime. Most recently, I attempted to eat 100 chicken nuggets when McDonald's brought back Szechuan sauce.

During all of these videos, without a doubt the most requested challenge was the Monster Burrito at Gutierrez Family Restaurant. It's the size of a baby at seven pounds and has basically their entire menu in this bad boy. You have forty five minutes to finish it and if you do it's free. You also get a free t-shirt if you take down the monster.

I have failed in two of my challenges so far - the Psycho Burger at Willie's Place and the 100 McNugget challenge. I think if I prepared myself for those two, I could finish them. This Monster Burrito, good luck. I really don't think I could ever do this one. Who knows, you may see me go live on the Buzz Facebook Page for a Stryker Revenge series on some of the ones I have failed.

I have a few more Wichita Falls food challenges to try, but, as always, submit those ideas to me. I may not know of one that you know.