Time to take on all of these Wichita Falls food challenges, first up Heff's Burgers. 

Time to see how strong my stomach actually is. I talk a big game and I finally put it to the test a few days ago. Heff's Burgers started this challenge a few weeks ago and only one other person had finished it. It's the triple meat challenge: finish a three-patty burger, three sides and a large drink all in under ten minutes.

I knew I could finish it, just didn't know if I could do it in under ten minutes. As you can see in the video, I was shocked at the size of each patty. I had no idea they were half a pound a piece. So basically, I had to eat a pound and a half of burger. I was smart and got the original Heff's burger. When you're doing the challenge, probably not smart to go with a burger that has all the fixings on it. I also went with all tater tots for my sides since that's my favorite side.

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Pro tip: If you attempt this challenge, you may want to wait a few minutes, this bad boy was fresh off the grill when I got it and I burned the crap out of my fingers.

I decided it would be smarter to eat each patty individually instead of trying to stuff everything in my mouth at once. Once that burger was down, onto the sides. In between everything I was taking gulps of strawberry soda.

A lot of people thought I was stupid going with soda, but I wanted something that would help me burp to make me more hungry. Release that gas and get ready to chow down again. I finished this bad boy in 7:06, which I am told is a record for the Wichita Falls location.

Looks like Stryker Wins, Flawless Victory for this Wichita Falls food Challenge.

Next up, Willies Place and their Psycho Burger Challenge. That one is all about the heat.

Remember, if you know of any food challenges in the area, let us know in the comments and we'll add it to the list. Stay tuned for the next video in a couple of weeks.

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