Should you start your day eating ice cream? Probably not, but that's what I did over the weekend. Could I take down the banana special?

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In case anyone is wondering where this magical ice cream place is. You can check it out in Oakland, California. It's called Fenton's Creamery.

You maybe asking yourself, why on Earth would I take a vacation to Oakland, California? Well sadly it looks like the Oakland Athletics will be moving after next season and I wanted to see their stadium before they left town. Of course when I travel I always try to find a food challenge to take down. Since the last one I did almost ruined my trip. Spicy wings in Santa Clara, watch that one here. I decided to go with something cool on this trip.

What is The Challenge?

You have fifteen minutes to eat the three pound banana split. It is not free if you finish it, but you're supposed to get a free T-Shirt. According to the girl, I needed a coupon from the local newspaper to get the shirt? She wasn't even sure if it was still a thing. Either way, didn't care about the shirt, just needed to get back in the win category on food challenges.

Watch The Challenge Below!

So how did I do? Well I didn't technically beat the challenge. You're supposed to do it in under fifteen minutes and it took me around nineteen to knock it out. So no T-shirt for me regardless. As always, time is a factor for me. I have the stomach for these food challenges, just not the jaw to eat ridiculously fast. Either way, had fun. If you ever make it to Oakland, add Fenton's Creamery as a must stop on your trip.

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