You crawfish people are WEIRD, man!

Listen, I grew up in Maryland, which is blue crab country. So I remember crab season coming and getting all excited for the delicious seafood I would be having. Here in Texas, you folks look forward to crawfish season. Don't get me wrong, I love some good crawfish. However, some of you take your obsession with this time of the year too far.

Have You Heard of Red Circle Ice Cream?

So, apparently, this ice cream shop over in Houston, Texas, loves experimenting with weird flavors. They currently have three locations and rotate their flavors throughout the year. Right now, they have something that I consider weird on their menu that I don't think should exist in this world - Crawfish Ice Cream.

What is Crawfish Ice Cream?

This is how Red Circle Ice Cream describes its crawfish flavor:

It’s a savory ice cream, with an initial umami-bomb burst that mellows into a very mild sweetness, followed by a pleasantly spicy kick. Notes of garlic, butter, cayenne, paprika and more can all be detected, with the spices adding flecks of texture to the silky scoop.


The owners thought this would be a one time thing, give it a shot and see how it goes. If people hated it, they would just take off the menu. But people loved it! Every crawfish season they bring it back just so people can get their fix. I always say, "don't knock something till you try it." However, crawfish ice cream is not something I ever expected to see in my life.

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