Tis no man, tis a remorseless eating machine.

In case you did not know this, I love a good food challenge. I am trying to go through all of them in Wichita Falls. I have attempted to do this one right here, I unfortunately failed (you can watch my attempt below). This is the psycho burger at Willie's Place. It's called that because it has ghost pepper chilis and ghost pepper hot sauce on it as well.

I will tell you for a fact, this is the hottest thing I have ever eaten in my life. Looks like a food challenge expert was in Wichita Falls named Brandon 'Da Garbage Disposal' Clark. He absolutely demolished this challenge and now has the new record. The previous record was seven minutes and 27 seconds. The new record is THREE MINUTES AND FOUR SECONDS. Someone get this man a trophy and some Pepto Bismol.

I know how much that thing hurts coming out later, so I am sure Da Garbage Disposal was feeling this one later. By the way, more Wichita Falls food challenges are coming from me, I have some planned out. I may even re-try some that I failed at. I may even re-try the psycho burger, no way I could ever beat this record, but I just want to finish it.

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