This thing is no joke and it's definitely one of the hardest ones I have ever done.

If you're ever bored, feel free to go check out my food challenges I have done in Wichita Falls. It was a little series we did called Stryker VS Food. I did a bunch of Wichita Falls food challenges and I was undefeated until I went into Willie's Place. The Psycho Burger challenge is no joke.

Without a doubt, the hottest thing I have ever eaten in my life. This thing kicked my ass. I legitimately felt high or drunk after eating this thing. If you think you can handle spice, go try it. If you can finish this, you can probably eat anything. The Corpus Christi Caller-Times have named it one of the best food challenges in all of Texas. Of course their article is one where you pay to read it. I will provide the link, but this should be a FREE story promoting local Texas businesses.

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The Psycho Burger is definitely a tough challenge here in Wichita Falls. I really think if I prepared more for this one, I could finish it. It's going to suck, no doubt about that, but I really think I could do it. The food challenge that I could never finish here in Wichita Falls would be the Monster Burrito at Gutierrez Family Restaurant.

No way could I ever beat this thing. I have seen people do it and I have no idea how they did. If you want bragging rights. Go finish that massive thing.

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