Remember when I used to do food challenges? Yeah, I know it's been awhile. So I decided to film one this weekend.

So I wanted to support the people stuck at work this weekend, but also practice social distancing. I ordered IHOP to go and took it home. I ordered everyone of their cereal pancakes. Captain Crunch, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, and Lucky Charms. I also ordered all of the sides. So that means three orders of eggs, three orders of hash browns, and three orders of bacon.

If that wasn't enough, I also ordered both of the cereal milk shakes. For some reason, they don't make a Lucky Charms milkshake. Only Cinnamon Toast Crunch and Captain Crunch. I tried to eat it all and I think I did pretty good. I couldn't eat those Cinnamon Toast Crunch pancakes. It had way too much cinnamon frosting on it. If it was just another order of pancakes I could have done it. That frosting was just too thick. I did eat everything else though.

Watch the video above. If you any other Wichita Falls food challenges I should try, let me know in the comments. If you haven't seen my other Wichita Falls food challenges. Check them out below.

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