We have got a lot of photos and the live video in case you missed it. 

This past weekend was one of my toughest food challenges to date. Time was my main enemy. I knew I could do it, just maybe not in ten minutes. I just had to keep eating. I also had some competition this time around. Four other burritos were also being eaten along with me.

Big Brothers Big Sisters provided us with Big Brother Nick, Little Brother Gavin and Big Brother Tom, Little Brother Cameron. The Wichita Falls Fire Department had two competitors as well with Andrew Cadotte and Brent Sullivan. Time to get this thing started.

I think we all started out strong. Especially the kid all the way at the end. I felt like he was going bite for bite with me for awhile. He has got a future in Wichita Falls food challenges. Hopefully, he doesn't take my job.

The burritos were massive, but their biggest strength was the potatoes. That thing was jam packed with potatoes. Having to chew those things is what I believed slowed us all down. Plus, potatoes fill up your stomach pretty quick. Remember, just keep eating.

I did finish my burrito, but not in the ten minute time period. I literally had one handful left. If I had eleven minutes, I would have done this thing without a doubt. I did finish the burrito to prove I could do it. Pro tip, don't go out drinking after doing this. Every sip of beer is painful.

Shoutout to the Wichita Falls Fire Department for helping out with this and Big Brothers Big Sisters for providing some Bigs and Littles. If you would like to be a Big Brother or Big Sister sign up today. Next Wichita Falls food challenge, the Littlest Skyscraper burger at Parkway Grill.

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