This wasn't about quantity, it was all about spice. Think you could handle this heat? 

I'm attempting to take on all food challenges here in Wichita Falls. This time we hit up the Blazin' Wings Challenge at Buffalo Wild Wings in Sikes Senter mall. Twelve wings coated in the hottest sauce on the menu, no drinks, no napkins, all in six minutes. The managers told me the record was 3:34, which I thought I could beat.

It was an intense heat, but with no drink you have to just keep eating. I pounded through the wings and the heat for a new record at the Wichita Falls location - two minutes and fifty-three seconds. I welcome all challengers to break that record.

Time for a little teaser for the next Wichita Falls food challenge. You may notice a couple of clips from a video you haven't seen yet in the intro at the beginning of the Blazin' Wings video up top.

Psycho Burger at Willie's Place

Those clips are from The Psycho Burger challenge at Willie's Place, without a doubt the most requested Wichita Falls food challenge. Stay tuned for that video in the next couple weeks.

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