A viral video claims that a small child was slipping out one of the tallest rides at Six Flags Over Texas.

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Over the past few days I have seen this video several times which appears to show a small child falling out of Superman:Tower of Power at Six Flags Over Texas. Which is one of the tallest rides at the park. The only thing taller in the park is the Texas Skyscreamer which comes in at whooping 400 feet tall. Superman will take you 325 feet in the air.

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The video appears to show a small child almost falling out of the ride at it's tallest point. As you can see from the video, other guests are on the ride and their legs are nowhere near as low as this supposed kid that is allegedly falling out. So is this real?

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Trying to find anything about an incident with our Superman Ride at Six Flags Over Texas has nothing coming up. It does appear that a kid got hurt on a similar Superman ride at a Six Flags in Kentucky, but that was all the way back in 2007. Every other video shared of this incident is the same TikTok video, so I reached out to Six Flags directly to see what actually happened.

Video is NOT Real

I reached out to Six Flags for a comment on the video and they got back to me stating that it is not real. "Thank you for your inquiry. There was no incident at the park. The video appears to be a hoax."

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We will wait and see if any other videos come out from this alleged incident. As of right now, everyone is saying this is a fake.

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