The season of giving and receiving bruises in this household.

An Oklahoma mother came home to find her son was not there to greet her when she came in the door. Bridgette Payne had just gotten home from running errands and her boyfriend said her five-year-old son Ayrian was sent to bed early for opening up one of his Christmas presents.

Bridgette went to go check on her son and found him covered in bruises. She asked him what happened and he said, “Wesley hurt me bad mama.”

Wesley is Bridgette's boyfriend and she called the police immediately. Bridgette said that Wesley McCollum kept telling her that he did it “to teach him a lesson" and "he needed to learn to listen.”

It appears as if Bridgette has taken down her original post on Facebook of the photos of her son and what happened that night. Before it was taken down, someone took a screen shot of what she said and I thought these words were pretty powerful.

“For a grown man to punch a child over and over and slap him and beat him with a belt ALL over is no man at all,” she wrote. “He is the lowest scum on earth...”

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