Wow, didn't even know this was going to be potentially a thing, but it looks like high school athletes in Oklahoma can start making money.

Back in 2021, the NCAA allowed college athletes to do Name Image and Likeness Deals, NIL for short. This meant that a college athlete could start making money by promoting themselves. Like this is John Doe from Texas University and I love eating at the Sand Which Shack. Over the past year, college athletes have been racking in the dough with different deals.

According to the Pro Football Network, Alabama QB Bryce Young has the highest NIL deal in 2022 with a value of somewhere in 3.2 million in deals. I personally see no issue with college athletes making some money while playing. What if the same sort of deals could go down with high school athletes?

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Well, if you live in Oklahoma, they now can. Apparently the Oklahoma Secondary School Activities Association (OSSAA) has been working on a plan for high school athletes in the state to make money off their Name, Image and Likeness.

Some rules include a player not being able to wear the school's jersey or film a commercial at the school itself. Some other rules include not endorsing thing that would go against school policy. For instance, a high school athlete could not endorse a casino, tobacco or liquor company. Players must notify their schools of any NIL deals they plan on taking part in as well.

I had no idea this was going to be a potential thing for high school athletes. Apparently 13 other states already allow high school players to have NIL deals. Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Kansas, Louisiana, Minnesota, Nebraska, New Jersey, New York, North Dakota and Utah. What about in Texas where high school football is huge?

Texas Senate Bill 1385 prohibits any individual or corporate entity to enter into any NIL arrangement with a student athlete “prior to their enrollment in an institution of higher education.”

^If you want something like this in Texas, this law would have to go away first. We will wait and see if Texas changes things for high school student athletes in the future. Right now if you want to make some money, go play in Oklahoma.

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