See, you have been sitting there for the past few years thinking VHS was dead, not to this guy.

'Speed' was a huge movie in the 90's and this guy wants us to never forget about it. However he wants us to relive it like we would in the 90's, with VHS of course. I think all of my VHS tapes were either sold at a garage sale years ago or sitting in my basement at my parents house. However, if you still have some old VHS tapes lying around, go through and see if you have 'Speed'. This guy would love your copy of it and will put it to good use.

The World Speed Project was started by Ryan Bietz and his goal is to own every VHS copy of the movie 'Speed'. He currently owns over 550 copies of the movie and more are coming in every day. One of my good friends in middle school owned over 200 copies of Super Mario Bros/Duckhunt cartridges for the NES, so I cant really judge this guy. I kind of want to be a jerk and send him a DVD copy of 'Speed' just to see what he would do with it.

Check Out the World Speed Project Kickstarter Video Below: