Any bank willing to give me a loan so I can become the supreme video game nerd?

Everyone likes to think they have the biggest video game collection. In middle school my friend had over 100 copies of the Super Mario Bros/Duck Hunt cartridges for the NES. Mainly because people would sell them for a penny at garage sales. I used to go to blockbuster and buy their used games because they would practically be giving them away. Buy two, get three free, hell yeah I am in.

However, I will never get close to this guys collection. He is actually in the Guinness Book of World Records for the largest video game collection. He owns over 11,000 games and has over 100 different consoles.  He has been collecting over the past twenty years. Unfortunately, we all have to grow up at some time.

Michael Thomasson now has a family he has to support so he is selling his massive collection. The bidding started at one dollar, but as of this post it is just over $750,000. If I win the Power ball tonight, I can assure you this collection will be mine. Imagine never having to buy another game again. You could play something new every day for the next thirty years.