You would think that the part of the HomBrew Hunnies feature that I looked forward to the most was meeting and photographing gorgeous local girls...but it's not.  I was more excited when I found someone who was willing to, not only let us use his cars in the photo shoot,  but he would deliver them as well!  I met up with Wally Santellana, owner of WS Construction, about a week before the shoot and man am I glad I did.

Weeks before the shoot, his daughter, Sandra Berend, actually hired me to DJ a gig for her and somehow we got on the subject of her taking pictures of her father's cars.  It wasn't until I did more research on Pin-Up photo shoots that I realized that having cars in the shoot would really rock!  As soon as that happened, I asked Sandra if her father would be interested and it was a "go" from there.

I met up with Wally the next day curious to see how many cars he supposedly had and how nice they were, as well as how nice he was (it's been my experience that, stereotypically, guys with car collections are jerks and take better care of their cars than their family).  I was hoping it was better than I thought and man I was NOT disappointed!  I lost count of how many cars I saw, simply because being in the coolest garage I had ever been in left my train of thought derailed and stuck in a ditch.  This garage ROCKED, and Wally was one of the nicest guys I have ever met!  The cars in the garage ranged from 1959 to 2007.  And not just any cars, AWESOME cars!

As I tried not to drool on the paint jobs, I asked Wally how he got into car collecting.  Wally said he started messing around with cars at a young age and his love for them grew as he got older.  He hasn't always had this many cars, but he has definitely had the same amount of passion.  A passion that has already been passed down to his grandchildren.  In fact, each one of his grandchildren already have cars and guess who gave them to them.  That normally doesn't sound like a big deal until you find out that his grandchildren range from ages 3 - 14 years old!  And no, you can't be adopted as his grandchild and his children don't want to adopt you either.  Each grandchild has been given a specific car and they are all happily aware of it.  When you see the photos in this post, you should get the hint that this guy loves cars and, more than the cars, he definitely loves his family.

Wally has found an fun way to build a bond with his family and help his grandchildren get to know their grandfather by creating memories and sharing his passion.  That alone, in this DJ's opinion, makes this collection of vehicles worth ten times more than any one that I know of.   I saw the joy he experiences with his family first hand when I got to take my family for a ride in Wally's 2006 Saleen Mustang.  As I began to accelerate, my 7 year old son's eyes grew bigger and bigger as the rpms increased and the engine began to scream.  My 6 year old daughter yelled "I'm gonna get a headache!" and my son responded with "who cares, this is awesome!"  Yes, these cars are fun for everyone involved and his family is definitely involved.

Sandy told me that the most exciting time Wally has with his cars is every August in Vernon, Texas at The Cruise.  Sandy continued to say the Wally seems to get more excited each and every year and just recently bought a lot in Vernon so they could have their own room and bring more cars.  She further told me that they haven't always had these cars and growing up they didn't have much at all.  Once Stephen graduated college, he began working for his dad and together they were able to build their family business.  Thus, moving son into the Boss chair and Father into the garage...but that's where Wally wants to be.

For the Homebrew Hunnie Shoot, Wally was joined by his son Stephen, and friends Brad Mills, Frank Alcatraz and Gene Ramirez.  Now it's time for an introduction to the machines and, for the cars who have them, their young owners (Wally only maintains a few since their actual owners are too young to legally hold a job or get a license).

Starting with the cars at the photo shoot and in no other particular order:

1956 Red/White Chevrolet Bel-Air with a Triple Deuce 348 Engine.  Owner:  Jacob, 11 years old :)

1962 White Chevrolet Impala with all matching original numbers and 327 engine.  Owner:  Steven, Wally's son

1965 Dark Red Chevrolet Impala SS Convertible with 350hp.  Owner:  Emerson, 7 years old.

2006 Gray Ford Saleen Mustang with a 281 Engine.  Owner:  Wally

2007 Black Ford Saleen Mustang with a Supercharged 281 Engine & 436 hp.  Owner:  Wally

1967 Maroon/White Chevrolet Camaro with a 396 engine.  Owner:  Campbell, 6 years old.

1967 Chevrolet Chevelle with a 283 engine. Owner:  Wally.

1973 Yellow Corvette with a 350 engine.  Owner: Cort, 3 years old!

1967 Green Ford Mustang all original (being prepared for restoration) with a 289 engine.  Owner:  Wally.

1965 Black Impala with a 327 engine.  Owner:  Wally.

1972 Black Ford Mustang Convertible with a 302 engine.  Owner:  Lauren, 14 years old.

1966 Dark Blue Ford Mustang with a 289 engine.  Owner: Austin, 7 years old.

1968 Red Ford Mustang with a 302 engine. Owner:  Carson, 10 years old.

1957 Teal Chevrolet Bel-Air with a 327 engine.  Owner:  his daughter Sandy.  (She just found this out.)

1959 Black Ford Thunderbird with a 352 engine. Owner: Wally.

1964 Pink Ford Thunderbird with a 390 engine.  Owner:  Susan.

1973 Buick all original with 20,000 original miles.  Owner:  Wally.

1948 Chevy Coupe currently in project mode where it will be chopped and turned into a hot rod.  Owner:  you guessed it, Wally.

A special thanks to Wally and his family for being so kind and so cool.  And Wally, last time we saw each other, I do believe you told me that I should drive the supercharged Saleen if I loved driving the other one.  Soooo...when can I stop by to pick it up?