It's happened to the best of us. We accidentally do or say something awkward and instantly wish we could undo it. The embarrassment can be overwhelming. Then we blush. Then we're embarrassed about blushing and so it goes.

According to a story on Buzzfeed, it turns out there are a few embarrassingly awkward situations that most of us have had to deal with a time or two.

Those situations include, in no particular order, things like having a group sing Happy Birthday to you. At work it's no big deal, you just sit there and endure it, knowing that there's a slice of cake at the end of the agony. But in a restaurant? It's bad enough having all of your friends watching you as they sing, but now everyone in the restaurant is watching. And it's even worse when the waitstaff gets the whole room to sing. Awkward.

Then there's that awkward moment when someone drops you off and watches as you walk from their car to your door. As a guy dropping off a woman I will almost always walk her to the door, it's the gentlemanly thing to do. But there are times that isn't possible or practical. In those situations i do wait until they're inside. The potential awkwardness on their part is nothing to the guilt I would feel if there happened to be someone lurking nearby waiting for a chance to cause harm. I just pretend to fiddle with the radio or something like that so they think I actually had something to do before pulling away.

Then there's that moment in a supermarket when you're desperately trying to find that one small item on a long row of shelves. You know you're on the correct aisle, but you can't find that salt shaker sized product and other shoppers are beginning to scowl at you under their masks as they impatiently wait for you to get out of the way. Awkward.

Another awkward moment that most of us have had to deal with this year is the last few seconds of a Zoom or Teams meeting when everyone else has already said "Goodbye" and left the meeting and you can't reach the button quickly enough. That's an awkward moment brought to you by the year 2020.

Here's one that 2020 has taken away from us. How often has it happened that you've gone to a movie theater and when the usher hands back your half of the torn ticket and says "Enjoy the movie" you automatically replied, "You, too"? That's awkward to the level of an academy award.

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