Let’s talk about something we Texans know all too well – extreme heat. 

I don’t hate hot weather. I was born and raised in North Texas, so dealing with hot summers was all I knew. That said, I would rather it not be 110° outside. But I’ll take 90° any day of the week. 

People from up north will probably read that I would gladly take 90° temperatures and think I’m crazy. But when you’re conditioned to extremely high temperatures like I am, 90 doesn’t feel bad.

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Keep in mind that there are different kinds of heat. You have the swelter shelter high-humidity temperatures in the Deep South and the hot, but bearable low-humidity temperatures in parts of California. 

And then you have Texas heat. 

You see, we get the worst of both worlds in the Lone Star State – high temps and high humidity. Admittedly, the humidity starts to taper off when we get into the so-called “Dog Days of Summer” in July and August, but there’s just enough humidity present to make it miserable outside during the daytime.


So, it should come as no surprise that AccuWeather found three Texas cities were among the hottest in the United States. 

Researchers analyzed data from U.S. cities with populations over 250,000 and found Houston, San Antonio, and Dallas to be among the 10 hottest cities in the country.  

Having visited all three during the summer, I can say with full confidence that the findings of the study are spot-on (at least when it comes to Texas cities, anyway).

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