If this existed in 1994, I would have begged my parents to go.

The original 'Jurassic Park' still holds up all these years later and I'm actually happy to see the rebooted 'Jurassic World' doing well. The one thing 'Jurassic Park' didn't have when I was a kid was a world tour. If you wanted to see those dinosaurs, you had to plan a trip to Universal Studios. Now the dinosaurs are coming to you.

The Jurassic World Tour just started in September and good news. Texas dates were just announced this week. Even better, stops in Dallas and Fort Worth if you want to go. It will be at American Airlines Center in Dallas August 6th through the 9th. It will then be going to Fort Worth and the new Dickies Arena from August 13th through the 16th. Tickets are not on sale yet, but the site says they start at twenty dollars.

If you have a kid who loves those movies or just loves dinosaurs they will probably love it. I'm thirty-years-old and I want to go check it out.

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