Officers in Oklahoma had a high speed pursuit over the weekend. Unfortunately the suspect was heading towards a street festival that could have killed several people.

Keep Scrolling for Footage of the Wreck

On Saturday in Oklahoma, the Sequoyah County Sheriff's Office attempted a routine traffic stop. Apparently the vehicle was following too close behind a tractor trailer. When police attempted to pull the driver over, the suspect ran. The driver was hitting speeds of over 100 miles per hour on the highway. Then, the suspect was pulling into downtown Salisaw, Oklahoma.

Going on Saturday afternoon was something called Diamond Daze, which is a downtown street festival. The street is closed with vendors and a kid's play area. Unfortunately, the suspect was headed right towards the festival grounds. Captain John Weber and Officer Wesley McGuirt learned they were the last line of defense before this high speed chase hit the festival grounds.

You can hear on the video below, Captain Weber say, "I’m going to ram him if he makes it this far.” Police in pursuit of the suspects believed if Captain Weber and Officer McGuirt did not act in this situation, these suspects would have plowed right through the festival hurting or killing who knows how many people. Captain Weber suffered a broken wrist due to the crash and Officer McGuirt suffered some bruises.

Details on Fleeing Suspects

It looks like in total three people were in the car fleeing from the police and they're now facing several charges according to Fox 23 News. 33-year-old Carlton Rucker will be facing nine charges, including aggravated assault and battery on a police officer, which is a felony and felony eluding, causing great bodily harm.

Courtney Walker, 35, will be facing seven charges including possession of medical marijuana without a license, transporting an open container of liquor, receiving, possessing, or concealing stolen property and conspiracy to commit a felony. The third man in the backseat of the vehicle suffered a severe leg injury from the crash, it is unknown at this time what charges they will be facing after getting out of the hospital.

Watch the High Speed Chase End Right Before the Festival Grounds Here

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