The burning question on everybody’s mind has been answered.

Thanks to Estately, we now know just how much it would cost to light all 25,000 lights on the iconic house from Nation Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation in each state for one month.

Texas ranks among the cheapest at $3,019 per month, with our neighbors to the north in Oklahoma coming in at a few dollars cheaper with a bill of $3,014.

Here’s the formula they used:

25,000 bulbs * 0.08 watts/bulb = 2,000 watts.

2,000 watts * (1 kilowatt / 1,000 watt) = 2 kilowatts

2 kilowatts * 5 hours per day = 10 kwh per day

10kwh * 31 days = 310 kwh

310kwh * each state’s average price per kwh

Take a look at what kind of costs you'd rack up in all fifty states: