Get ready to see some upgrades over the next few years at the Fort Worth Stockyards.

Fort Worth Stockyards Expansion Plan

Back in 2020, Fort Worth underwent Phase 1 of their expansion to the historic Stockyards. This involved a new development called "Mule Alley", which added new shops, dining, and a hotel option to expand the Stockyards even more. Looks like the next plan is even bigger than the last one.

Fort Worth Approves One Billion Dollar Expansion

The City of Fort Worth approved phase two of the Stockyards expansion. Investors are committing $630 million, and the city would provide about $380 million worth of incentives. The newest phase has a plan to bring a new commercial space, a 500-room hotel, a multifamily property and at least two underground parking lots. This area is currently used as backup lots for Billy Bob's. The plan is to have this new development done by the end of 2032.

Check Out Mule Alley Below

Pictured above is the new Mule Alley that has brought a lot of attention to Fort Worth's Stock Yards in the Phase One plan. Looks like four phases are a part of the total plan for the future of the Fort Worth Stock Yards, however one will not get started until the previous one is completed. So don't expect to hear anything about the next phase until 2033. As of right now, this is the most money the city of Fort Worth has ever pumped into the Stockyards for an expansion. With 1,300 new parking spots coming, I know visitors will be excited once those are completed.

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