Sure Wichita Falls has some great food, but this show was not highlighting any of our Wichita Falls restaurants. It was actually a competition for a massive audience.

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Wichita Falls is home to many things, but our biggest addition to the city without a doubt is Sheppard Air Force Base. That training facility has brought so many people to our city. Did you know, it was the host to the Food Network show Dinner Impossible?

Basically, the show has the host Robert Irvine cooking food for a massive audience in a short amount of time. His challenge was to cook for the 60th anniversary of the Air Force in America. The event took place at Sheppard Air Force Base back on September 22nd, 2008. I was able to find this photo from the event where Congressman Mac Thornberry gave a speech at it.

Sandy Wassenmiller
Sandy Wassenmiller

Now Robert had two challenges for this anniversary dinner. Prepare a buffet for 900 military members and their guests. If that wasn't enough, he had to make a five course dinner for 100 VIPs. He had ten hours to complete the task.

Watch the Wichita Falls Episode Here

Sadly, I cannot find any clips online from this episode that aired on January 23, 2008. However, you can buy the episode on YouTube if you're interested in watching it. No new episodes of the show are currently on the air, but maybe the Food Network can film something else in our city in the future? Send Guy Feiri down here, we would love to show off more of our city on your channel.

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