You may be surprised to find out which grocery chain is the fastest-growing in the country. 

In the 80s, massive grocery stores started popping up all over the country. In a decade known for decadence, it made sense that the supercenter would make its emergence. The “superstore” that Kroger had introduced a decade earlier became the format of choice, according to Progressive Grocer.

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The 80s also saw a boom in warehouse membership clubs like Sam’s and Costco. The model continues to be incredibly popular, even though members must buy groceries in bulk. Sometimes you have to spend more to save more. 

However, not everyone can afford to do that. 

In this era of high inflation and wage stagnation, Americans have to stretch their dollars further than ever before. The average moderate-cost grocery budget for a family of five in 2023 was a whopping $1,233 per month according to SoFi. In contrast, the average thrifty budget for the same-size family was $922 per month. 

That’s where Aldi comes in. 

The store known for its lower prices and hip store brands has saved Americans money since the first Aldi opened in Iowa in 1976. Less than 50 years later, the chain now has 2,357 locations in 38 states and the District of Columbia, according to Axios. 

Aldi Vice President of National Buying Scott Patton will be adding even more locations over the next five years: 

Our growth trajectory has been very strong for the past several's going to increase over the next five years.

There are currently 127 Aldi locations in the Lone Star State. Find the location nearest you here.

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