Looks like the fair is in town over in El Paso and things...are not going well it seems.

Big El Paso Fair in Town for the Month

Once the weather starts to warm up, the pop up fairs start to happen all over our great state. Right now in El Paso, the Big El Paso Fair is going on. Unfortunately what folks are talking about is some of the rides breaking down.

"The Orbiter" Has Hydraulic Failure

Looks like on one of the first nights of the fair opening. A ride that is designed to lift up and spin around had a hydraulic failure. This caused the ride to start coming down and you can see one of the middle panels broken as the vehicle is spinning around. Thankfully, all riders aboard were safe and the ride is not operating at this time.

Big El Paso Fair Statement on The Orbiter Issue

“That ride is shut down now. It will not run until it has been repaired. The hydraulics will be repaired sometime this week", said Steve White director of marketing for the fair to KFOX 14. Looks like another ride broke down on one of the fair's first days as well, granted not as severe as The Orbiter's issue.

Rollercoaster Breaks Down in the Middle of a Ride

A kid's coaster called Jungle Jumble could not make it back to the original start of the ride forcing riders to climb out in the middle of the track. I am sure something like this happens all the time and this one is not as big of a deal as a major hydraulic issue. Hopefully the rest of the fair goes smooth over in El Paso. It will be in town until April 28th.

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