Almost anyone who's ever taken a ride in a car with a group of teenagers has done it at least one time. The Chinese Fire Drill. You know, it's that thing where when you come to a stop everyone gets out and runs around the car. This looks like the worst possible way for one of those times to go.

Last Saturday at Beijing's Badaling Wildlife Park a terrible event took place. Allegedly,  a couple had been in an argument when a woman decided to get out of her car. The park allows visitors to drive their own cars in a safari-style tour, they are prohibited to get out as the animals roam freely through the park.

The woman had only gotten a few feet from her vehicle when a tiger runs up and drags her away. Another woman in the car jumped out to help her and also ended up being attacked. Sadly, it's been reported that the first one did not survive that attack. The park has been closed since the incident.

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