Vincent Kosechata currently has three different bonds for alleged child abuse. Police were called again to his house and he was arrested again this week. 

Vincent Kosechata is in hot water right now for incidents that happened in December and this past Sunday. His bonds for assault and injury to a child charges are currently set at nearly $30,000.

Back in December, police were called to a home where Kosechata allegedly threw hot coffee on a woman and her daughter. Kosechata also threw the girl into a wall injuring her hip. Kosechata also allegedly called the girl worthless and would use expletives to describe her. This past Sunday, police returned to the home and say the girl was crying hysterically.

The woman told officers she believed Kosechata was using narcotics and came into the bedroom and began moving toward her. The woman said her daughter tried to get between them and Kosechata grabbed the girl by her hair, choked her and slammed her down on the bed.

They said Koschata then left. He was arrested yesterday.

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