A Texoma girl is suffering from a serious illness that is leaving experts confused, leading to speculation that she's the only person in the country to have it.

14-year-old Morgan Larance of Bryson was found unresponsive by her mother on Friday, January 19th and rushed to Cook Children's Hospital. "She was still breathing, but she never woke up," Morgan's mom told KFDX.

Since then, doctors have been unable to diagnose Morgan's condition, only able to treat the symptoms. Doctors believe Morgan's immune system is targeting her brain rather than fighting off viruses.

Morgan's doctors are considering the possibility that Morgan contracted a very rare disease called necrotizing encephalomyelitis, which would make Morgan the first documented case in the country. Only 100 or so cases have been reported, primarily in children across Japan, Taiwan, and Korea who, like Morgan, were fine one day and sick the next.

According to Morgan's mother Jennifer Kimbro, the family is struggling to remain optimistic while the doctors are unable to pin down a cause,

They haven't really said anything positive about it. Not the specialist, not the neurologist. Having your daughter lay there and you don't know if she's hurting or you don't know if she's sad or you don't know if she's scared. You know that's tough. And at first if she was even going to make it.

Morgan had been in a coma, but still able to squeeze her parents' hands and move her legs. On Feb. 4, Morgan's mom posted that she had opened her eyes all the way that morning.

Rival high schools in the area have come together in support of Morgan and her family with donations and prayers. Friends are also showing their support on Twitter with the hashtag "#pray4mo".

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