Burkburnett burglars, what are you doing with your lives? Can't you just take the stuff and leave like normal criminals?

Boy oh boy, I'm not shocked about anything coming out of Burkburnett anymore when it comes to burglaries. When you have someone literally take a dump on someone's floor, the bar is set pretty high. It looks like this past Saturday, a trio allegedly broke into a home on 9th Street just outside Burkburnett.


Police were able to detain a female suspect, 37-year-old Vanessa Schraub. She claims she didn't take anything from the house. She said she just went in, ate some peach pie, and took a nap on the couch. I mean, you can't turn down a homemade pie, right? Then you eat too much and need a nap. I completely understand this dilemma.


Police said they found items taken from the house in a cart in the driveway and other things piled on the back porch. The family was still missing a riding lawn mower, a chain saw and a pressure washer. Deputies said Schraub told them her boyfriend was 53-year-old Zachary Douglas who lived on Vaughn Road, at an address where deputies said they had found previous stolen items.


This is where the story gets amazing. When police arrived, they found Zachary Douglas SITTING ON THE RIDING MOWER, and 66-year-old Kenneth Douglas standing near a trailer with the pressure washer and other items in it. Deputies said Zachary Douglas admitted taking the mower, pressure washer and other items including LOOSE CHANGE from the home.

All three have been charged with engaging in organized criminal activity, burglary. I have so many questions with this story, but the one I really want answered. Who steals loose change?! Seriously?! Of all the things in my house to take, please don't take my quarters.

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