People up north love to make fun of Texas for closing schools due to a little bit of snow on the ground, so I couldn’t resist having a little fun at some Michiganders’ expense when I caught wind of this story.

According to WGRD, 8 mid-Michigan schools dismissed early today due to the Heat Index. Having spent a few years in Virginia, I understand that air temperature in areas with high humidity can be misleading, so the Heat Index is what residents are most concerned with as it factors in humidity as well as air temperature to more accurately express how it feels outside.

So with that being said, I figured the Heat Index had to be unbearable for schools to close. Apparently not – the high for Ionia, Michigan today is a whopping 90 degrees with a Heat Index of – wait for it – 92, according to the Weather Channel.

Meanwhile in Wichita Falls…

wichita falls forecast 052918

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