Get your proton pack ready, because you may run into a ghost over the summer in Wichita Falls.

If you're someone who would love to experience some paranormal activity, now is your chance. Sign up for the one night only event at the Kell House on June 30th. You will be the first ever group to do an overnight ghost investigation at the house. The Kell House is a landmark in Wichita Falls that has stood for over 100 years. We have actually featured a part of this haunted legend in our Most Haunted of Wichita Falls series.

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Specifically, a statue of Flora Kemp, who was the daughter of Joseph Kemp, the brother-in-law of Frank Kell. People have claimed to see this statue crying at Riverside cemetery. Flora's monument is known as 'The Crying Bride' because, according to legend, Flora broke her neck on her wedding day when she tripped as she walked down the curving stairs of the Kell House. Although, some reports say Flora died of typhoid in 1910, one year after the Kell House was built.

Photo Courtesy of Dave Diamond/Townsquare Media
Kell House - Wichita Falls (Dave Diamond/Townsquare Media)

People have also claimed to see people or shadows within The Kell House even when the house is locked up.

Other creepy things that have allegedly happened are doors opening or closing on their own, people hearing strange voices, items moving on tables, or lights flickering on. Hopefully, you get to see something like this on this ghost hunting adventure.

Kell house haunt overnight stay
Kell House Dining Room (via

Signups for this ghost hunt are going on right now So if you're interested, I would hop on board as soon as possible. The cost is $89 which includes a paranormal investigation class and use of actual ghost hunting equipment. After some time with the group, you can go investigate on your own. Also, free snacks and drinks will be provided. I will be really disappointed if Ecto-Cooler is not the drink provided.

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