If you're wondering where you can go to get a good old-fashioned scare, then look no further. We have your list of the seven most haunted places in the Wichita Falls area.

These aren't some cheap haunted houses with a bunch of guys in masks, these are the real deal; abandoned houses, evil monsters, psychopathic doctors, and of course, plenty of spooky ghosts. So if you're planning on spending your Halloween out on the town, be sure to stop by one these haunted places in Wichita Falls for a chance to really be scared.

Watch the video list above, then scroll down the page to read more about each haunted place.

1. The Goat Man/City View Monster

Goat Man's Cave
Google Earth

The Goat Man is exactly what it sounds like. A half goat, half man monster who supposedly lives under a bridge on Wellington Lane - a little north of Wichita Falls. Just go north on I-44, take the Missile Road Exit, turn left on Reilly Rd, then turn left onto Wellington Lane and the Goat Man’s Bridge is one of the first bridges that you pass over. Some people have reported seeing the piercing eyes of the Goat Man peeking out from under the bridge on late night drives.

According to some people, the Goat Man's lair has doubled as a dumping ground for animal bodies sacrificed during Satanic Rituals. There are even reports of a big white dog standing on the small bridge that refuses to move, but when people get out of their cars to look for it, all they can find is a bloody carcass laying under the bridge.

2. Screaming Sheila Bridge

Screaming Sheila Bridge
Screaming Sheila Bridge

NOTE: The area of Screaming Sheila Bridge is now private property and trespassing is strictly forbidden. Please do not attempt to visit any private property without permission from the land owner.

There are several stories surrounding this old, half destroyed bridge located about 5 miles from a church in the ghost town of Clara (a pretty creepy place all on its own), a few miles west of Burkburnett. Some stories refer to the mid-1800s when a young woman was convicted of practicing Wicca, so the residents of Clara burned her right on the bridge. That would explain why most of the bridge is burned away.

Screaming Sheila Bridge
Screaming Sheila Bridge

A more believable tale is that during the 1970s a couple were driving down the road arguing when the husband swerved off of the bridge and into a tree pinning his wife's knees under the dash. The husband escaped the car and hitchhiked back to the Burkburnett police department, leaving his wife trapped in the car. He returned a couple hours later with help only to find that fuel had been leaking and the car, the bridge and his wife had all burned.

A third story claims a man found out his wife was cheating on him and took her and a few of his buddies out to the bridge. When they arrived the men, led by the husband, beat and tortured his wife before leaving her burning on the bridge.

Whichever story you choose to believe, the woman's name is Sheila which explains why it's called the Screaming Sheila Bridge. I'm sure on the darkest of nights you can still hear the screams and who knows, maybe this place is triple-haunted. MAP IT.

The Southern Paranormal Association of Texas recorded some electronic voice phenomenon (EVP) from Sheila's Bridge about a year ago. Listen below:

3. Pinky's Cave

Pinky's Cave is one of the most popular haunted place in Wichita Falls. The tunnel is actually a three-mile long drainage ditch that runs through town between Ardath and Kell Boulevard. The place was originally a hangout for some kids years and years ago. Those kids, now adults, spoke with Times Record News explaining the history of the cave.

Now a bunch of its spookiness may just be because of all the echos and homeless people who inhabit the tunnel, but according to legend a woman and her child drowned in the three mile long tunnel during a storm and continue to watch for visitors in tunnel. MAP IT.

4. Witches Gate

Keith Mansion, aka Witches Gate
Keith Mansion, aka Witches Gate (© 2016 Townsquare Media)

NOTE: This abandoned house is located on private property and trespassing is strictly forbidden. Please do not attempt to visit any private property without permission from the land owner.

Driving towards Henrietta on Highway 287 you'll see the remains of an old burned down mansion. That's Witches Gate, or one of them at least. There's several different stories about the place. According to some, the house belonged to a wealthy family, one of the first to have running water in the area, who had two kids. After the father of the boys passed away, the boy's mother went crazy, some say because she was a witch.

Witches Gate
Witches Gate (Photo Courtesy Vicki Cheatham)

The next legend about Witches Gate takes place in the 70s when two brothers, possibly the two boys from the earlier legend, lived in the house. They were wealthy like their parents and kept most of their wealth in a safe in the house.  One night, while both brothers were asleep, a group of thieves broke into the house. The younger of the two heard gunshots coming from his brother's room and went to investigate only to find that the thieves had shot his brother in the back. They then tied up the younger brother and tortured him in order to get into the safe. After unlocking the safe it's said that they untied the younger brother before leaving, but some how plans didn't work out for the thieves. The younger brother managed to trap the would be robbers in the house and set the entire structure on fire, killing everyone, including himself, in the flame.

According to the legend, the ghost of the two brothers still roam the ruins and that the basement is kept spotlessly clean, even though no one lives there. While the stories may change depending on who you hear them from, one thing is certain, the house - and very possibly the residents - were in some way involved with witchcraft, which explains why it's referred to as Witches Gate. MAP IT.

5. Witches Gate #2

Witches Gate #2
Google Earth

Yes there is another location in town that has earned itself the title of Witches Gate. You can find this gate at the intersection of Hatton and Hammon Roads.

There's two possibilities why it's called Witches Gate. Some people claim this spot is also called Witches Gate because the land it is on used to belong to the owners of the Witches Gate described above. Others say it's because if you're traveling down Hammon Road at night, you'll run up on the intersection and see the large metal railing blocking off the ditch. Driving fast enough can make it seem like you're about to drive strait through the rail even though the road goes strait right past the railing. That's not what makes this place so haunted though.

There's a story that a young couple parked their car behind the railing on a dark night to do what most young couples do when they park at night. A man dressed in all black knocked on their window. The pair opened the door and the strange man killed them both without saying a word. All that they found at the crime scene was a bloody hook hanging on the railing. Some people have even reported seeing the young couple standing behind the railing when driving down the road at night. MAP IT.

6. White Sanitarium

White Sanitarium
Google Earth

The White Sanitarium, also known as the Old Insane Asylum, may be the one haunted spot in town that almost everyone knows about. The place was opened in 1926 under the direction of Frank S. White, who first advocated providing a non-institutionalized lifestyle for his patients to diminish the effects of the asylum itself on their sanity. While White may have tried to make the Asylum patient friendly, rumors say that there were experiments held in the building that ended up taking more than a few lives. Records are sketchy but the facility was shutdown sometime between 1935-1955.

So what happened here? Some sick science experiments? Witchcraft? Torture? We may never know the answer, but what we do know is that more than one ghost has been spotted in the building including a group of men playing cards. That's not all though, people have claimed to have seen lights on even though the building has no power, as well as hearing the screams of children coming from within the structure. The most famous of the White Sanitarium residents is the lady in white, who has been seen roaming the halls and yards of the Old Sanitarium. Perhaps seeking revenge from the men who wronged her. Although the building is now an apartment complex, we all know ghost don't just leave because you ask for rent money. MAP IT.

CORRECTION: We have been told that the White Sanitarium is now a private residence, not an apartment complex.

7. M Building at the State Hospital

M Building
Google Earth

Now everyone in town should know what the North Texas State Hospital is, but how many of you know that more than one of the buildings in the massive complex are haunted? I've had more than one family member who worked the night shift at the State Hospital, and I've heard stories that could scare a grown man. One of my favorites was the idea that in one of the abandoned building lives some kind of evil being, human or not, that roams a series of underground tunnels that connect all of the buildings, taking whoever he fancies.

Whether that's true or not, the history of the complex itself is pretty interesting and is worth a look. The hospital was opened in 1917 with the first patients arriving in 1922. The facility was completely state of the art for the time including a modern surgical operating room, radiology, laboratory, electrotherapy apparatus, and hydrotherapy equipment. By 1930 the Hospital housed 1500 patients, and during War World II there were 2500 patients living there. The most haunted building has to be the Administration, or M Building. It is one of the oldest on the complex and before it was turned into offices, it housed the craziest of crazy and the most extreme and questionable of experiments. The possibilities of what happened here are endless, especially when you take in to account that the Hospital was the most advanced of its kind, and that experiential procedures were more than likely a common occurrence.

People have reported lights in the M Building turning on and off, doors opening and closing and voices being heard. The most frighting of stories, and there are several, are of various persons being touched from behind, only to turn around and find nobody behind them.The most notable of inhabitants is what people describe as a "nurse in a white dress with the old nurses cap on" making the rounds like she had never left. MAP IT.

Have you visited any of these haunted places in Wichita Falls? Share your stories in the comments below!

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