You loved the first seven so much that we have sought out six more of the creepiest, spookiest, and most haunted places in all of Wichita Falls, and it wasn’t easy.

So prepare yourself. Once you learn of some of the ghostly horrors that lie within our city limits, you may find it hard to fall asleep tonight, especially if you’re living next door to the ghost themselves.

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    Tootsie's on Indiana

    Dave Diamond

    First up on our list is good ole Tootsie’s on Indiana, and let’s start by saying that the employees aren’t the only ones hanging around the place. Back when the store was called Martin’s Book Store, a lady supposedly ‘fell’ down the stairs.

    Whether or not she actually fell or was pushed by someone or something with a darker motive we may never know. One thing we do know though is that several people have reported seeing some strange things happening around the store. I feel it’s safe to say that the place is haunted by whatever she left behind.
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    Highway 79

    Kacy Collins

    It’s sad to say but there have been many car wrecks resulting in deaths all up and down Highway 79, so it’s logical to think that a ghost or two may still be driving. In fact, I’ve seen them.

    I may be the only one, even though I don’t think I am, but driving down the road late at night I’ve seen headlights in my rear view mirror that disappear before I could look twice. When it’s pitch black outside you can see headlights from a distance, that’s the point, but these headlights appear out of nowhere and disappear back into nothing in a matter of seconds.

    Now I need to know that I’m not crazy, so if you’ve seen these ghost lights on Highway 79, let us know in the comment section below.

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    Drunk Tom

    Kacy Collins

    Without a doubt the legend of Drunk Tom is one of the more popular ghost stories circulating around Wichita Falls, if only to scare your kids away from drinking. It all starts with Drunk Tom, a young, college ready kid who, like most youngsters, was experimenting with alcohol.

    Late in the night, young Tom decided to take a walk down the Holiday Creek reservoir, which is located between the State Hospital and Southwest Parkway. This is where the story gets a little fuzzy. Tom somehow fell from the walkway into the reservoir where he died on impact. Now whether Tom was so intoxicated that he accidentally tripped or if there was someone else present will forever remain a mystery.

    Some even say that if you stand in the exact spot where Drunk Tom fell, you can hear a bottle shattering on the sidewalk and may even catch a glimpse of something out the corner of your eye, which will disappear before you can get a better look it. MAP IT.

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    Little Sister Statue

    Dave Diamond

    I’m sure everyone in Wichita Falls knows the name Kemp, which is of course the last name of Joseph Kemp who, along with his brother-in-law Frank Kell, helped establish Wichita Falls, the city we all know and love today. Well our next story is sad chapter from the life of Mr. Kemp.

    Legend has it that on the day Joseph Kemp's daughter was to be married, young Flora Kemp was descending the steps of the Kell House, looking beautiful in white, when she tripped and fell to her death at the bottom of the steps, but local reports say that Flora Kemp actually died of Typhoid in 1910.

    Either way, Mr. Kemp was devastated by the loss of his daughter and erected a statue of her to stand over her grave, known around town as the 'Little Sister Statue.' Located in Riverside Cemetery, the statue is reported to constantly be shedding tears, and there's no doubt young Flora has plenty of reasons to cry. MAP IT.

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    Downtown Police Hauntings

    Julie Coley - Historical Tours of Wichita Falls

    The story of Robert “Bob” Fellows and Eddie Rappolee is a sad one. In August of 1968 two fires broke out an hour apart in downtown Wichita Falls - the first one in the 700 block of Ohio and the other at 8th and Indiana. When the first fire on Ohio St. was under control, firefighters moved on to fight the second blaze. Afraid looters might come in after they left, Fellows and Rappolee volunteered to stay behind and patrol the area. The fire had destroyed several buildings in the downtown area, leaving several of them structurally unsound. Part of one of the fire-damaged buildings collapsed on top of the police car Fellows and Rappolee were in. Bricks and smoldering debris covered the car and by the time emergency workers could dig them out, it was too late. Neither Fellows nor Rappolee could be saved.

    (click to enlarge)

    People have reported seeing the two cops in the area ever since the accident, at least what remains of them. During one of the local Downtown Darkside tours, they parked a replica of the car the two police officers were in (a 1968 Ford Custom) at the exact spot of their death (700 block of Ohio Street), and people have reportedly seen the officers sitting in the car, just like they never left. You can see that picture above. Notice those two shadows in the car? Maybe they are still there.

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    Holt Hotel

    Dave Diamond

    The Holt Hotel has a long and tragic history, dating all the way back to its construction in 1910, when it was originally the Kemp & Kell Building, an office for city founders Joseph Kemp and Frank Kell. The first tragedy to strike the building takes place in 1922, only twelve years after the buildings opening.

    One unlucky janitor happened to stumble upon the 30th District Attorney for the county with a hole in his head and a smoking gun in one hand. He was just the first of many ghost to call what is now the the Historical Holt Hotel Apartments home though. In 1926 the building was sold to George Holt and H.S. Ford, who turned the building into a state-of-the-art hotel. It would be almost 50 years before the next 'spooky' event.

    Let's fast forward all the way to 1975, when guest on the upper floor spotted what looked like a body wedged between the hotel and a neighboring building. They were right. It turned out to be the mummified body of a 43-year-old prostitute who was last seen arguing with a man at the hotel months earlier. Although police arrested and charged the suspect, due to the condition of the body prosecutors were unable to say whether she jumped, fell or more likely, was pushed from the upper levels of the Hotel.

    Fast forward just one more month and you’ll find another dark secret this old building holds. On June 25, 1975, three men checked into the hotel, went up to their room and set it on fire, breaking windows to supply oxygen to the flames. Luckily the fire was put out before it destroyed the building or took any lives. The three men were later connected to a hotel fire in Portland that killed eleven people.

    So, we can conclude that there is possibly as many as 13 ghost lurking the halls of the old Holt Hotel, a number some would consider a little creepy given the Hotel's history. The building is now an apartment building which was completely renovated in 2005, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t a few ghost left over from its long history. Needless to say you won’t find me renting any of those rooms anytime soon. MAP IT.