WWE Superstar Adam "Edge" Copeland has the honor of ending his career as World Heavyweight Champion with his last match being at Wrestlemania... if this isn't a put on by WWE.

On Monday Night Raw, Edge announced the end of his 13-year WWE career due to injury.  8 years ago, Edge suffered a broken neck and underwent spinal fusion in his C5, C6 and C7 vertebrae.  After a year off for recovery, Edge returned to a full-time schedule.  The strain on his body resulted in stenosis of the spine, a narrowing of the spinal column above and below his fused vertebrae, causing a reduction in protective spinal fluid.

Recently, Edge had been suffering from numbness and uncontrollable trembling in his arms and hands.  After an MRI was conducted last week, it was concluded that futher damage to the spine could result in paralysis or even death.  With that high of a risk, Edge could no longer be cleared to perform for the WWE. 

Though not always one of the most popular of performers, Edge has always been a great performer.  He will go down as the most decorated WWE Superstar in history.  Hopefully, this isn't an elaborate storyline by the WWE.  WWE has done a good job in bluring the line between fiction and reality in the past, but this would just be in bad taste.

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