A woman by the name Shoshana Roberts recently took a walk around New York City with a hidden camera just to show how many guys wanted to talk to her, or as she puts it, 'harassed' her.

Now there's a difference between trying to get a pretty girls attention and harassing her. I'm not real sure what that difference is, but I'm sure there is one.

She claims that during her 10 hour walk around New York City, she had over 100 guys commented on her good looks and a couple even started following her.

Now I think I'm starting to figure this out. When you start following a woman who's ignoring you, that's when it becomes harassment. Let's go with that. Paying her a compliment is totally different. Sure some of the guys say some semi-rude things, but at least most of them left it at that and walked away.

Am I wrong to think that this lady is blurring the line between harassment and receiving attention? If I am let me know in the comment section below.