One neighborhood in Florida is facing a pretty unique problem that could end up ruining Halloween for everyone.

The town of Melbourne, Florida has a hog problem. In fact, one neighborhood is claiming that it is completely over run with wild hogs.

The local homeowners association is even considering cancelling trick-or-treating if they can't solve the problem soon.

These hogs have been tearing through people's trash cans and have apparently become hooked on human food, with their preferred treat being all the candy that gets thrown away.

Yes, these hogs and your seven-year-old are both addicted to candy.

So far, the wild, candy addicted hogs, some of which weigh up to 350 pounds, have destroyed 17 lawns, pooped all over the sidewalks and are smart enough not to fall into your traditional hog traps.

The homeowners association is seriously thinking about cancelling Halloween for the safety of the neighborhood since they fear these hogs will start attacking kids while they are out trick-or-treating.

They do have a plan to get rid of the hogs though. Release a pack of dogs to hunt down or scare off the hogs, although that could create a hog/candy addicted dog population that could lead to more problems in the future.

You have to do what you have to do though to make sure these kids get to enjoy Halloween like the rest of the nation though.

What would be your plan to get rid of these candy addicted hogs? Let us know in the comment section below!