I'm so happy they decided on these two and not some of the others.

So I have been keeping an eye on the potential names for the two high schools here in Wichita Falls for quite awhile. Sadly, my suggestion of Tom Landry High School did not make the top ten. I gave my opinions on the top ten back in May. Guess what? The two I hated the least won!

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WFISD Board of Trustees voted last night to name the high school located at 3003 Henry S. Grace Freeway Wichita Falls Legacy High School. The high school located at 6600 Kell Boulevard will be named Wichita Falls Memorial High School. All I can say is, THANK GOD they didn't pick Wichita Falls East and West. It does not get more lazy than that and I can't believe that was even a possibility.

Next up they will be picking mascots and colors for the two schools, but that will happen this fall. I don't really know what the mascots would be. I can only hope that we discover some awesome fossils while building the school. Those are my favorite mascot stories.

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For instance, when they were building Coors Field for the Colorado Rockies, they found triceratops bones, which is why they have Dinger as their mascot. Also Gnash for the Nashville Predators because saber-tooth tiger bones were discovered when they were building in the area back in the day. Crossing my fingers for something cool like a raptor.

The Memorial High Raptors or Legacy High Raptors? I really just want to have a school that uses the Jurassic Park colors.


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