Keep Scrolling to Check Out the Stiff Arm Heard Around the World This Weekend

So over the weekend, I saw a lot of folks sharing this video of a woman stiff arming the absolute crap out of some lady at a sporting event. The lady who did the stiff arming had the high ground. As any Star Wars fan knows, you don't win that battle. Also the woman who did the stiff arming definitely had a size advantage.

The Altercation Allegedly Happened at Duncanville/South Oak Cliff Game

Pretty cool that these two DFW based teams got to play against each other on a college field on Friday night. The two teams played against each other at Gerald J. Ford Stadium, which is where the SMU Mustangs play their home games. You can see in the video above a highlight with the giant red mustang on the field. Well looks like the big field brought some big egos along with it.

Halftime of the Game

Looks like an argument begins between two ladies at the game. It looks like the argument exceeds to hands having to be thrown...well one hand. The lady just stiff arms this girl into oblivion. I think at this point you just have to leave the game. You can't get tossed like a rag doll like that and ever hope to recover.

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Duncanville would go on to beat South Oak Cliff 34-13. However, the hit of the game is going to this lady in the stands. She embarrassed that girl on Friday.

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