Next year is a big year in Wichita Falls as our two new high schools will officially open. According to a new report, we now know approximately how many students will be attending.

End of an Era in Wichita Falls After This School Year

We have all heard that are three high schools in Wichita Falls are merging into two high schools starting in the fall of 2024. Hirschi, Rider, and Wichita Falls(Old High) will be no more. The memories will never go away everybody and in my opinion, these high schools have needed upgrading for awhile now. Obviously going from three to two, Wichita Falls could not keep the names without upsetting somebody. So the new high schools are Legacy and Memorial.

How Many Students Are Currently Enrolled in the Wichita Falls High Schools?

According to Public School Review, their most recent numbers are as follows.

  • Rider High School: 1,584
  • Wichita Falls High School: 1,291
  • Hirschi High School: 804

Texas UIL Releases Enrollment Numbers for the Upcoming School Year

Obviously a big part of high school here in Texas is football and the UIL determines what conference you play in based on your enrollment. Well according to their most recent enrollment submissions, we will have a good idea of just how many students will be going to these new schools.

Wichita Falls Legacy High School: 1,868 Students Projected for 2024 School Year

Wichita Falls Memorial High School: 1,695 Students Projected for 2024 School Year

It was no shock that both of these new schools would have higher enrollments than any previous high school. Just wanted to say best of luck to all the future Legacy Leopards and Memorial Mavericks. The progress on the schools looks great and I can't wait to see them once they're fully finished.

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