Tomorrow is turkey day and some folks need a place to eat. Here is where you can enjoy a good meal in town.

I'll be heading down to Arlington for the Cowboys game tomorrow and will be driving back to Wichita Falls after that is done. Hopefully, one of these places is not too busy when I get back into town tomorrow. However, I know they will be. By the time I get back, everyone is sick of being cooped up in the house all day and wants something other than turkey.

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I don't blame you, you can only have so many helpings of stuffing before you want to mix it up with something else. If anyone knows of any other restaurants that are open. Please leave a comment so I can add them to the post later on. Here is what I was able to find online by looking around.

Stone Oven 11AM-9PM

Starbucks 8AM-5PM

Cracker Barrel 7AM-10PM

Denny's (They don't close, love you for life Denny's!)

Dunkin' (Should Still have a Donuts attached to that name) 6AM-12PM

IHOP (Never Closes, Love You Guys!)

McDonald's 6AM-11PM (Note hours could vary at other Wichita Falls McDonald's)

Please note, I have seen several lists going around of what is open on Thanksgiving day from other national markets. I took the liberty of calling EVERY restaurant on that list that has a Wichita Falls location. The following are on that list that will not be open on Thanksgiving.

Chain Restaurants NOT Open on Thanksgiving in Wichita Falls

Buffalo Wild Wings

Burger King

Domino’s Pizza


Hardee’s ( I tried our Carl's JR since they're the same company)



Hopefully if you need a meal tomorrow, one of the places I mentioned above can hook you up. Otherwise, I would pick something up tonight that you can heat up tomorrow. I hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving and hopefully the Cowboys get me a win tomorrow.

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