Is the random punching people trend coming to Wichita Falls?

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Not sure if some sort of underground Fight Club is starting in Wichita Falls and the initiation is that you have to fight a random stranger. Friday evening a very strange situation happened at The Deep End. According to management, a guy walked into the bar and randomly sucker punched a guy sitting at a table.

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This is not like something happened over the course of the night and we have some sort of misunderstanding. Witnesses say he walked in and was maybe in there for two minutes before walking by this table and sucker punching the guy. The Deep End says they did not serve him any alcohol before this encounter. He paid his cover and just went over to do this.

Watch Wichita Falls Sucker Punch Below

Quite strange if this guy has no relationship to the person sitting at the table. Typically we're used to people breaking the arcade cabinets at The Deep End due to their stupidity. Not random punches being thrown for no reason. Hopefully that guy throwing punches gets some help if he's trying to start fights for absolutely no reason. He should have taken his frustrations out with a game of Mortal Kombat and not that dude's skull.

More Deep End Stupidity, Guy Breaks Table

If you want some classic Deep End Content, this one happened just about two weeks ago. This should go without saying, don't stand on tables at the bar. Also don't stand on tables with a TV and an N64 on it.

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