Wichita Falls was one of seven school districts in the state of Texas to get this, so this is a pretty big deal.

Ever Heard of No Kid Hungry?

No Kid Hungry is an organization that has a simple goal. To help kids get three meals a day, 365 days a year. They estimate 1 in 6 kids here in Texas face hunger issues every day. For us in Wichita County, that number is apparently 1 in 5 kids. Well thanks to a new grant from No Kid Hungry, seven school districts in Texas will be able to start having better breakfast options for students.

The Seven Texas School Districts That Will Get Expanded Breakfast

  • Laredo ISD
  • East Central ISD (San Antonio)
  • Rio Hondo ISD
  • Rockport Fulton ISD
  • Gonzales ISD
  • Wichita Falls ISD
  • Del Valle ISD

According to the No Kid Hungry Texas website, the grant is for $90,200. “There is a palpable benefit when children start the day with full bellies and we want to make sure all Texas kids are fueled for success from the start,” said Stacie Sanchez Hare, Director of No Kid Hungry in Texas. “We are excited to continue working with school districts to nourish children and foster inclusivity and equity across every community.

What Exactly Will This Grant Be Used For?

This grant cycle is designed to expand school districts’ current breakfast programs, developing innovative and convenient options that accommodate the nutritional needs of their students. “No Kid Hungry is helping us expand our breakfast meal services to students that normally do not go directly to the school cafeteria,” said Robert Cuellar, Child Nutrition Program Director for Laredo ISD. “‘Breakfast by curb’ is an innovative way we will be able to offer breakfast just before students walk into the school doors, providing delicious, nutritious, and appetizing grab-and-go meals that students will enjoy.”

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The grant is also helping Spanish speaking families easier access to sign up for applications for the breakfasts as well. If you're interested in more info on the No Kid Hungry campaign, you can check out their website here.

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