Someone walking by probably saw a few flying around the area, but the problem was much worse inside the wall.


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Friendly reminder, you should never kill bees. Yeah, they can be annoying, but if you have a massive infestation, you should call an expert to come remove them. Bees are extremely important to the environment, so spraying a bunch of chemicals on a hive is not a good idea. Thankfully here in the Wichita Falls area we have Patriot Honey Bee Removal.

Well it looks like this past week they had quite the infestation at a local 7/11. Now our local bee experts don't know exactly how long this hive has been forming at the store, but it's possible they could have been in this wall for up to three years.

Check Out Video of the Wichita Falls 7/11 Hive

Obviously, with the bees being inside the wall. Bricks had to be removed to safely get all the bees out and also remove the comb the bees were forming inside the wall. Looks like this particular 7/11 became aware of the bee problem once lawn maintence was being done nearby. Looks like the bees didn't like the sound of lawnmowers and weed whackers near their home.

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Check out some exclusive photos from Patriot Honey Bee below. Pretty cool to see how this was hiding right behind a wall where probably thousands of Wichita Falls folks have walked by over the past few years. Let me know if you have any crazy Wichita Falls bee stories in the comments.

Wichita Falls Bee Infestation at Local 7/11

Looks like one of our local 7/11 stores had quite the bee infestation behind one of their outside walls. Here's some pretty cool exclusive photos of the removal process.

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