This is the worst case of heartbreak in Wichita Falls history!

Tomorrow, is Valentine's Day. As many like to call it, Single Awareness Day as well. Friendly reminder, get something nice for your significant other on other days besides Valentine's Day as well. Getting them their favorite snack on a random day means a lot more than the obligated box of chocolates in February.

Wichita Falls Heartbreak

Sadly though, someone in Wichita Falls is dealing with a bit of heartbreak. Jefferey, the Embden Goose of Smith's Gardentown. You see Jefferey and his mate were re-homed to Smith's Gardentown in fall of 2021, well it looks like that trifling skank goose has left my man in Jefferey in this so called month of love.

Jefferey has not been himself since. Like a frat boy strung out on Monster energy drinks, Jefferey is making this breakup everyone else's problem. Instead of punching holes in the wall, he is biting customers and employees at the store. He also squawks loudly in the parking lot and will literally stop you from coming in the store.

Jefferey's Frustration

Why is Jefferey so pissed at his mate leaving him? Well it looks February is mating month for the Embden Goose and with no mate for Jefferey it is blue balls for my boy right now. No wonder he's biting people, my boy just wants to get laid.

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Well the post has since gone viral on Facebook, but still no mates for my boy Jefferey. I personally do not know anyone with an Emdben Goose, but if one of my listeners does. Hit up Smith's Gardentown, they would love to give your goose a good home. My boy Jefferey is ready to take your goose gal out for a night on the town.

Smith's Gardentown did give us an update last week saying they use this mirror as a distraction for Jeffery now, but this is just a temporary solution. Hopefully someone out there helps Jefferey out soon.

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