I was expecting guns, ammo or meat for Texas. I had no idea people even bought these at Walmart.

Business Insider just got the lowdown on what customers buy the most of at Walmart IN each state. Some strange ones existed. For instance, Tennessee stocks up on traffic cones for some reason. I also learned people in Louisiana love their raisins.

What about here in the Lone Star state?

Wedding Invitations. Really? That many people are getting their wedding invitations at Walmart? I didn't even know they did that, but of course they do. Walmart has freaking everything. I have never even seen them in the store before. Guess a lot of newlyweds are hitting up the old Walmart for the big day.

Oklahoma has a little more reasonable purchase - tools.

If you're curious as to what the other states purchased. Check out the full list for more info.

what do people buy the most at walmart
Business Insider

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