You never know what you're going to find online. Including a Vtuber telling us where not to eat in town.

What is a VTuber?

Just in case you're unaware what you're about to watch. A Vtuber is a virtual Youtube content creator. They have become very popular over the past five years, especially for content creators that don't want to share their face. I stumbled upon one called "News Live by VTuber" and for some reason they're covering Wichita Falls news.

Where is This Information Coming From?

Before you think all the info in the video is made up. It actually came out from this report from Times Record News. The good news is that the vast majority of establishments visited in Wichita Falls by health inspectors got a perfect, high, or moderate score. The only place that didn't do well last week was Y Mart on Southwest Parkway.

Watch the Strange VTuber Covering Wichita Falls Below?

It looks like this page literally covers any trending news and for some reason the algorithm picked up a random Wichita Falls restaurant inspection story. Look out local news reporters, the Vtubers are coming for your job. You could probably throw me into that one as well.

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If you want to subscribe to this random page to cover all your trending stories go ahead. I wouldn't expect a lot of Wichita Falls content to pop up in the future, but it was definitely the most random thing I saw on the internet today.

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