You've just been bitten by a shark -- what do you do? If you're this guy, you share the absolutely horrifying result with the internet.

You've been warned.

Yes, John Braxton, 27, showed he had his priorities squarely in order when he made a video and posted it on Instagram shortly after a tiger shark attacked him on Sunday in Hawaii. We're not going to be cheeky or funny here. The footage is gross and will turn your stomach upside down. Go ahead and watch. We dare you. It's that awful.

Braxton had been spearfishing when the 13-foot-long shark chomped down on him like a little kid determined to get to the center of a Tootsie pop. Somehow, though, he managed to swim to shore and alert someone, who called 911.

It's not clear what his prognosis is, but, come on, you've watched the video, right? It can't possibly be too good.

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