Do you know what malls need more of? Sharks.

In the most jawsome news of the day the Quail Springs Mall announced that the Blue Zoo OKC will be coming to their mall in 2020. This new aquarium going in will have twelve exhibits and guests will be allowed to interact with some of them. I'm looking forward to the stingray feeding exhibit.

They're hoping to have this open at the Quail Springs Mall in the summer of 2020. All twelve of these exhibits below are expected to be there. You can find the Quail Springs Mall at 2501 West Memorial Road in Oklahoma City.

  • Shark Exhibit
  • Starfish Touch Tank
  • Touch and Feed Bird Room
  • Touch and Feed Lizard Center
  • Stingray Touch Pool
  • Predator Exhibit
  • Reef Tank
  • The beautiful Fish Only Salt Water Tank
  • Clownfish Tank
  • Giant River Tank
  • Water Cycle Table
  • Science Play Table
  • Pirate Ship
  • Fresh Water Center including: Discus, Axolotl and Archerfish

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