Shark attacks are very rare, but they do happen. Unfortunately, one Texan had to experience this rare event. 

Dr. Steve Cutbirth who lives in Waco, Texas was enjoying his vacation to the Bahamas recently. Cutbirth was enjoying some free diving and some spear fishing while on his trip. Cutbirth said he speared a hogfish and then a bull shark tried to get the fish.

"I looked to my right and there was the white bottom side of the shark's mouth along with a wide open mouth and plenty of teeth. I released the spear and fish and instinctively struck out with the back of my right arm and hand, still holding the spear handle, striking the shark square in the right side of its head,” Cutbirth wrote on Facebook.

Cutbirth suffered facial and right leg wounds that required stitches. He also says he has been fishing in that same spot for twenty-five years and never had anything happen like this.

Dr. Cutbirth gives his account of the shark attack after it happened in the video below:

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