I have a problem in my life. I can't stop buying these damn boxes. I literally have a cabinet in my house that is just UTZ chips.

Over the past several years, I have slowly seen UTZ invading Texas and this has put a big smile on my face. UTZ is THE chip company in my home state of Maryland. UTZ is made in Pennsylvania, but they show Maryland some love with their crab chips. Honestly, my favorite thing they do is their Christmas collection.


This is how I know, Christmas is around the corner. I could care less about Christmas lights, Christmas songs on the radio, Santa at the mall. Nah, give me the UTZ Christmas snacks and I will have a big Christmas nostalgia smile on my face.

So this year, I found out they do a whole Christmas box. Typically around Wichita Falls, I have seen the UTZ snowballs (which are white cheddar cheese balls) and the holiday shaped pretzel pieces. I've been happy just seeing those around town, but I was able to order a lot more this year. If you suddenly see me gain a ton of weight, it wasn't due to the mashed potatoes at Thanksgiving.

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It's because I tried to eat all of these snacks in one sitting. If you're interested in getting one for yourself, you can do so online here. I know here in Wichita Falls I have seen the snowballs and pretzels at Walgreens and also Walmart as well.

Now if only UTZ can make me the official brand ambassador for Texas my life would be complete.

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