You may remember these three guys earlier this month, looks like they will be spending some time behind bars for their crimes.

Back on December 3rd, we reported to you the arrest of Osniel Ramirez, Disney Avila, and Miguel Aguilera in Wichita County. The two were pulled over for a traffic stop and they gave permission for a deputy to search their vehicle. He found $75,215 in cash, gift cards not under the names of the driver or two passengers, and two flash drives containing hundreds of names, credit card numbers, pin numbers and zip codes were found.

Some pretty serious info, that could score them a lot of cash. Back in December, we also told you that the Amarillo police were looking for these three for using credit card skimmers at gas stations in the city. That is exactly where these three were sent to be indicted in federal court.

Each of these guys were sentenced on one count each of possession of fifteen or more counterfeit access devices.

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